He was Mayor of Philadelphia and Vice President 1844-1848. Jeopardy answer is ?

Recently I was led from the streets of Philadelphia to a grave for George M. Dallas buried at St. Peter’s Episcopal church (formerly Church of England) Dallas was a former Mayor of Philadelphia.

By poking around I eventually found that the street was named after a Philadelphia Mayor who was actually the Vice President of the U.S. from 1844 to 1848 under President James Polk. George Dallas had also been a u.s. Senator from Pennsylvania,tried to help Nicholas Biddle in the re-chartering of the United States Bank. (failed!) He was an Attorney General for PA, and from 1856 to 1861 he was U.S. Ambassador to the Court of St. James in London. Who knew, right!

After finding out about this cool stuff, I decided to check to find where his grave is located; Wow! another surprise, he’s buried at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church at 3rd and Pine Street, right here in Philadelphia! And he lies with his family, in a grave, that is not otherwise marked in any way as a former Vice President,Senator, Mayor. It takes a lot to get respect in Philadelphia.

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    Hi Ric!
    Love finding out about historical trivia. Great job!


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