Interestingly, just before the Civil War started at Ft. Sumter, George M.Dallas, former Mayor of Philadelphia, was in 1856 James Buchanan’s Ambassador to the Court of St. James. After Lincoln’s election, he picked Charles Francis Adams to replace Ambassador Dallas in London.

I just found Dallas’ diary where he said: “1861. May 1st. “The America brought me a note from Mr. Adams. He quits Boston to-day. I may, therefore, look for him at farthest on the 15th inst.” “The President’s Proclamation against the seceding States as insurrectionary follows quickly upon the fall of Fort Sumter, and firmly accepts the challenge of war involved in that belligerent attack. It calls out seventy-five thousand militia, and will no doubt be enthusiastically responded to in men and money. Thus, then, has sectional hatred achieved its usual consummation,–civil war! Virginia hesitates, but she will join the Confederacy, as will also, finally, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland. My poor country can hence forward know no security or peace until the passions of the two factions have covered her hills and valleys with blood and exhausted the strength of an entire generation of her sons. All Europe is watching with amazement this terrible tragedy.”
(This was Ambassador’s Dallas last entry before he turned the Embassy over to Mr. Adams.)

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  1. I found some other interesting details about Philadelphia Mayor and Vice President George M.Dallas when I found the grave of his father Alexander J.Dallas also at St. Peter’s cemetery. An Bio on his father reveals that the elder Dallas was Secretary of the Treasury for President James Madison. Also that George’s father was instrumental in founding the “Republican-Democratic” Party in Philadelphia.


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