On visiting Constitution Center and Historical Soc of Pa.

I went to the Constitution Center on the September 18th also called “Constitution Day”…only day visiting “Constitution Center” is ‘free’. So I went! Each booth or cubicle along both sides of a great hall highlights some text from the constitution. They use some interesting photos and of course much blown up newspaper texts (blown up actually helps the passerby to read the ‘highlights”). Clever but they don’t do a very good job of presenting the legal basis of what the Constitution says about how government should function. No discussion.

I then went to visit the Historical Society of Pa. They have a new exhibit on display about the ‘revisions’, cross outs, amending words of Pennsylvania founders. I discovered that the earliest surviving version of versions was handwritten in 1787 by James Wilson. Interestingly he read much like the “Articles of Confederation”. Remember that the convention was called by the Article of Confederation Congress and were only charged with the task of ‘recommending to the States how the “Articles of (original) Confederation ought to be amended. Let us note that the original “intent”. “We the United People of the states of (and each are specifically named). Kinda puts a lie to the claim that the States were giving up their independence and submitting all sovereignty to the new Central govt when they voted to ratify the ‘new’ constitution.

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