Amazing find on a Philadelphia County Map.

I was really surprised when I discovered that Philadelphia’s lesser known Mayor George M. Dallas was elected Vice President of the U.S., He was VP when James Polk was elected President 1844-48. He also has a street named after him. Guess where it’s located? Right! In an offbeat hidden neighborhood quite like the Philadelphia attitude of putting down and underplaying anything important or significant. (Except for the Liberty Bell & Independence Hall of the Colonial era. Wait! Let me mentally drive you there. Here’s how: go up Ogontz Avenue and between 71st and 72nd Ave, turn right onto Dallas Street. Now you are there. See, the street is short and ends at Pittville street as that street empties into Cheltenham Avenue. Cheltenham Avenue is the city/county line in the northwest. as well as the county border with Montgomery County. So typical of the city father’s to keep knowledge of this street or the meaning of its name hidden. But they’re not trying too, it’s more that nobody even remembers ancient history.

About Ric Ben-Safed

Technical and Freelance Writer, degrees in History,Psychology, and Master's in Social Policy and Planning. written hundreds of reports in regard to mental health, major research in genealogy and genetic genealogy as well as local history. I try to be and Independent leaning Libertarian but also like the cooperative anarchist ideas of L.Neil Smith, Murray Rombard, J. Neil Schulman. Fascinated by (Philadelphians, George Lippard ( 1830-1854). Gothic & City Noir, appreciate the Mystics of Philadelphia Mystic Johaness Kelpius (1667-1708), even "God may be a Verb!).
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