“Brits’ queen get a tidy little raise” (Philadelphia, Pa. “Inquirer”

London,–3 Apr 2013 –Queen Elizabeth II has received a $7.6 million boost in annual funds the British Monarch receives from taxpayers to carry out official duties, pay staff, and maintain palaces. The new fund– which equals 15 percent of the profit of the Crown Estate — came into effect Monday, replacing centuries old royal-funding systems.
A Buckingham Palace spokesman stressed Tuesday that the grant was 15 percent less in real terms than the royals expenditure five years ago. –AP

What is a definition of a "Republic"? The Free Dictionary online says: "The definition of a republic is a form of government where citizens have the power and choose representatives to represent them.

> I think Queen Elizabeth II actually heads a British Republic. The people represented in Parliament actually set the criteria for the return of the Monarch after Parliament deposed Charles I. It seems the British Monarch is a poseur, she heads a "Republic".

If she actually owned the Palaces, then she’d would be able to sell them when she pleased. And we all know she can not do that, she needs permission of Parliament. Comment anyone?


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