May 2013 Monthly Meeting

While searching I found an interesting article titled “Prophesies and Revelations”: German Cabbalists in Early Pennsylvania. Very interesting stuff! And gave me some significant clues about the Christian Cabbala touchpoint with the Zohar of the Jewish Kabbalah. The article was published in The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 109. No.3 (Jul 1985). Then I spied this footnote that will interest all members of the Kelpius Society. “The manuscript copy of Kelpius’s diary and letterbook is in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. I have checked Sachse’s translation against the manuscript and have found several errors, especially transcription errors. I have used Sachse’s translation for quotations in English, but where his errors have confused or altered the meaning of a passage, I have inserted my own corrections in brackets. The article is signed by a Elizabeth W. Fisher, Harvard University. Wow! Now here is a manuscript that needs to be ‘translated’ and republished as the written work of John Kelpius. No one up to now, except for Julius Sachse , has even seen any written work of John Kelpius.

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  1. Permit me to add the point that now , some of the written works of Johannes Kelpius can be independently reviewed. J. Kelpius wrote at least 18 Hymns as well as his Diary of the trip from London, various homilies in English, as well as observations and comments that fill up 51 pages of very small written text in the manuscript. And I would like to propose that the Kelpius Society get them all translated and published. This newly published material could be available through the Kelpius Society.

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