This Is Philadelphia

I love living here in Philadelphia, exploring it’s local history.

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Now that the holidays have wrapped up (as well as our latest project, This is Philadelphia), we wanted to share some of the highlights with you.


IMG_7568 IMG_7527


With that, we wish you all a Happy New Year! We’ll be in South Philly on New Year’s documenting the Mummer’s Parade (pics to follow soon after). Stay safe!

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Technical and Freelance Writer, degrees in History,Psychology, and Master's in Social Policy and Planning. written hundreds of reports in regard to mental health, major research in genealogy and genetic genealogy as well as local history. I try to be and Independent leaning Libertarian but also like the cooperative anarchist ideas of L.Neil Smith, Murray Rombard, J. Neil Schulman. Fascinated by (Philadelphians, George Lippard ( 1830-1854). Gothic & City Noir, appreciate the Mystics of Philadelphia Mystic Johaness Kelpius (1667-1708), even "God may be a Verb!).
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