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Many thanks to Herbphilly for this update on Poe today. –Ric Ben-Safed

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For Poe’s Birthday

Just in time for Poe’s 205th birthday, the full text a number of books are newly available online on our website:

– The full text of John Carl Miller’s 1977 book Building Poe Biography is now available, URL: http://www.eapoe.org/papers/misc1921/jcmbpb00.htm (previously, several chapters were still in preparation.)

– The full text of Hervey Allen’s 1927 biography Israfel: The Life and Times of Edgar Allan Poe (2 vols) is available: URLS: vol 1: http://www.eapoe.org/papers/misc1921/hva26100.htm vol 2: http://www.eapoe.org/papers/misc1921/hva26200.htm (In preparing this text, it became apparent to me that there are differences in all three editions, 1926, 1927 and 1934. Mostly, these are corrections of spelling or of minor details. The Poe Log uses the 1934 edition, so at some point, I will be presenting the biography in that form as well as the 1926/1927 format. I still need to prepare the illustrations.)

– Susan A. T. Weiss’s Home Life of Poe (1907), URL: http://www.eapoe.org/papers/misc1900/hlfpinfo.htm

Most of our remaining collections of essays are also now online:

– Poe at Work: Seven Textual Studies (1978), URL: http://www.eapoe.org/papers/psbbooks/pb19781.htm

– Poe and Our Times: Influences and Affinities (1986), URL: http://www.eapoe.org/papers/psbbooks/pb19861.htm

– Masques, Mysteries and Mastodons: A Poe Miscellany (2006), URL: http://www.eapoe.org/papers/psbbooks/pb20061.htm

Still in preparation is Poe and His Times: The Artist in His Milieu (1990)

So, Happy Birthday Edgar . . . and a happy Poe Day to all . . .

Jeffrey A. Savoye
The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore

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