On Thomas Flemming de-bunking the Mythology about George Washington

It was really refreshing to hear author, historian Thomas Flemming carefully debunking

all the ‘myths’ that have grown up about George Washington. Pointing at the face on the Dollar bill

Flemming said; ‘That George Washington" was boring. Sure, George Washington told a lie, , he told

a lot of lies. and the was chief spymaster corresponding with a raft of spies against the British.

And though he often wanted to appear to be a humble servant, and in fact was born into the lower

levels of Virginia society. He made sure that he married well, a rich woman who had her own

finances. I confess, Flemming made Washington a much more attractive personality, than he

was assumed to be. I enjoyed Flemming’s addition to the TV presentation. In fact I hope he

turns this experience into another book. I’d rate his presentation with five stars. e.g. *****

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