Another Philadelphian Secret:

While doing some research, I came across the question or rather quote; “Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man, The Shadow knows”. The character in the dramas was “Lamont Cranston” Wow, I use to listen to “The Shadow” on the radion. (Yeah, so I’m dating myself. Its still true). I loved the show. So who was the character “Lamont Cranston” in the mind of the writer. So I was astonished when I discovered that the author and creator was Arthur B. Gibson. And he was born in Germantown, of Philadelphia County, Philadelphia. He worked for the Philadelphia North American and the Evening Ledger as a journalist and crafted “Cross word puzzles’ too. By 1928 he was editor of “True Strange Stories’. He used another pen name after his publishers made him editor of “The Shadow” with dozens of pulp novels written by a Maxwell Grant. He did for the Quaker City what George Lippard had done, he made Philadelphia Crime and mayhem a popular genre. I got to look more into this guy. He’ll probably inspire some short stories ideas for me.

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