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Technical and Freelance Writer, degrees in History,Psychology, and Master's in Social Policy and Planning. written hundreds of reports in regard to mental health, major research in genealogy and genetic genealogy as well as local history. I try to be and Independent leaning Libertarian but also like the cooperative anarchist ideas of L.Neil Smith, Murray Rombard, J. Neil Schulman. Fascinated by (Philadelphians, George Lippard ( 1830-1854). Gothic & City Noir, appreciate the Mystics of Philadelphia Mystic Johaness Kelpius (1667-1708), even "God may be a Verb!).

Man Stumbles Down Rabbit Hole And Finds 700-Year-Old Templar Cave

Source: Man Stumbles Down Rabbit Hole And Finds 700-Year-Old Templar Cave

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Walt Whitman’s assessment of Edgar A. Poe.

Walt Whitman’s reaction to the Poetry of Edgar A. Poe. (Sorry Poe fans!) “Poe’s verses illustrate an intense faculty for technical and abstract beauty, with the rhyming art to excess, an incorrigible propensity toward nocturnal themes, a demoniac undertone behind … Continue reading

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Taylor, Bayard (1825-1878) | The Vault at Pfaff’s

Source: Taylor, Bayard (1825-1878) | The Vault at Pfaff’s

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Bishop Calls Being Gay a “Gift from God,” Seeks to Save LGBT Lives — Bondings 2.0

Homosexuality is a “gift from God” according to one bishop in Brazil, who said his intentions in preaching on the topic were about saving the lives of LGBT people who may be at risk. Bishop Antônio Carlos Cruz Santos of … Continue reading

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Spanish Jews involved in American Revolution?

On November 7,8 and 9th, 2017  the Jewish History Museum will be the site of the 26th annual conference of the Society for Crypto Judaic Studies annual Conference and the first time since its founding in 1991 it will be … Continue reading

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It seems like you can’t read a newspaper or online news about anything related to medicine (not to mention some novels) without running into terms such as DNA, RNA and protein, all sorts. I thought maybe I could provide a … Continue reading

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Wisdom on song writing.

A couple years ago a friend published a book titled “Teacher!, Teacher! , Mr. D’s amazing adventures at Collwood High .”   It’s by J. D’Alessandro. We got to talking, me listening, and he waxing eloquent about writing music. So … Continue reading

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Race, Poe and Philadelphia

Last nite 10/19/15 at Free Library of Philadelphia heard excellent panel on “Race, Poe and Philadelphia” by Dr. Liliane Weissberg, U of P prof and editor of “Romancing the Shadow: Race and Poe” with Donn Scott, local historian and ast … Continue reading

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Major mistake of the “Worshipers of Edgar A. Poe” always make.

I don’t know why some folk who count themselves as Friends of Poe, refuse to acknowledge that the state of the science of “addiction recovery” in 1848 was non-existent. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that Freud’s discovery of the … Continue reading

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